Monday, November 16, 2009

The Superimposed Church of Michael Jackson

There is a thought in the back of many church leaders minds. That lie goes something like" People just aren't hungry for God". Some are investing tons of money into multimedia and church branding with the idea that people will respond to cool advertising. In fact I saw a sign on an old church building that said "You can't judge a church by its cover, just like people." There was a superimposed teenager playing an electric guitar on the sign with cool graphics. I don't think marketing is wrong. I read recently a blog that used this phrase " Marketing is the currency of communication". I agree. But this sign made me feel sorry for the church. People outside of the church are not stupid. They do not look at a sign with a teenager and an electric guitar and think"all my life this is what I have been looking for. acne and fenders". It seemed superimposed and somewhat desperate.

The last year I have been thinking about, like that sign, how superimposed the church feels most times. Are we really communicating what we are hoping to communicate? Or are we trying to hard, by dubbing ourselves relevant. The 'sign' church was trying to communicate, "we are cooler than you think", self dubbing themselves cool. The problem is you cannot self-dub yourself. Only Michael Jackson got away with self-dubbing when he claimed to be the King of Pop. But he had the voice and the moves to back it up. Figure out who you are and what your strengths are. Then you can determine who you reach and who you want to reach. If you, as a church have Michael Jackson's voice, sweet! Sing away. But people are weary and wary of churches trying to sing like Michael Jackson with the voice of Bob Dylan.

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  1. i like bob dylan! why would anyone want to sing like Michael Jackson when they already sound like Bob Dylan!

    i gotta confess, that i have been noticing the people who listen to my music and it hasnt been the people that i market too most. i think i've fallen into the whole market to teens cause teens go to shows thing, or teens are on myspace, but really, there's a whole 60 to 80 years of life that needs good music and ministry as much as the rest. thats just me and my music though... my last show had more pre-teens than anyone else... i gotta lerarn some raffi apparently!! or maybe there's some solid Christian Chidlrens music out there... hmm

    good blog man! thanks for sharing